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About Jessica Weimer, MS, board certified neurofeedback clinician in Portland, OR. 

About Me

Portland Neurofeedback Practiconar

Jessica Weimer, LPC, BCN

My journey into helping people heal began when I read a book about Neurofeedback. I was blown away at the idea that we could “rewire” our brain with a computer-based therapy. As I learned more about the brain I recognized that we are always learning and growing, and that change is always possible. Sometimes I find that talk therapy is exactly what is needed – people need a space to feel heard and understood. Other times I work with people who have tried talk therapy but still seem to be stuck. It is like they have the understanding of what is going on with them, but they cannot seem to get themselves out of fight/flight/freeze mode. This is where therapies like EMDR or Neurofeedback can be so powerful.

I began working with Neurofeedback in 2010, at a clinic outside of Chicago. After a few years there I decided to get my Master’s degree in Counseling. During graduate school I interned with Jewish Child and Family Services, working with teenagers. After graduation I got additional training in Neurofeedback, and I have been Board Certified in Neurofeedback since 2012. In 2017 I completed EMDR Level 1 training. My focus has always been understanding the neurobiology of emotion and trauma, and to find techniques that allow us to change how our brain is working at a fundamental level.

In my free time I enjoy reading and researching about the connection between mind, body and spirit. My interests include understanding how we hold past trauma in our body and how this manifests as discomfort or illness. I strive to always be learning more about the tools that I use, and to better myself in order to be a better therapist. Traveling is one of my great joys, and my most favorite thing to do is spend time with my partner and daughter.